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From Steve Stauss, Enrolled Agent

Steve StaussIf you are like most people, you aren’t crazy about doing tax returns, paying taxes and dealing with the tax authorities. And  keeping track of your income and expenses can also be a real pain.

Yet your financial records and how you manage your taxes can make a big difference in your bottom line – how much money you get to keep at the end of the year.

Complicating things is the fact that tax law changes every year. So whether you have to file taxes for yourself or a business, it’s difficult to be sure that you are claiming all legitimate deductions and preparing your returns to your best advantage.

As an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS, it’s my job to stay abreast of current tax laws and strategies at the state and federal level and to help you benefit from legitimate tax breaks.

More Than Just Tax Preparation

My job as so much more than just getting the numbers right. I work with you as an individual who has real concerns and wants to make good business and financial decisions.

The most important aspect of my work is the relationship I maintain with my clients.  My clients come first and I value the partnership I build with them as I serve them.

What’s really important for you, is that I’m here to listen and make sure that the work we do together serves your best interests and lets you experience peace of mind about your finances.

Working together we can develop strategies that maximize your profits and minimize your tax burden.

And I’m sure you want to avoid that April rush with no more than a box full of receipts and the seemingly impossible task of getting ready to do your taxes.

A Range of Services

The services that I can provide for you include:

  • Helping you develop tax strategies that will allow you to keep more of what you make
  • Setting up accounting and bookkeeping systems to make taking care of your money easier and more accurate
  • Providing you with bookkeeping services so that you have more time for the activities that are important to you
  • Preparing your tax returns on time, making sure you pay no more than is required and you avoid late-filing penalties
  • Going to bat for you when you face a tax audit, lien, levy or wage garnishment with the goal of reaching a satisfactory result for you that contributes to your financial peace of mind
If You Owe Back Taxes…

If you are in the unfortunate position of owing back taxes – plus interest and penalties – I can be your advocate with the tax authorities. This means that you rarely have to deal with them.

Negotiations on your behalf can lead to reductions in what you owe and a payment plan that fits within your budget. You will even receive reminders to make sure that you stay on plan.

Let’s Talk about How You Can Profit

If we’re going to work together, it’s important that we feel comfortable with each other, and that you feel that I’m the right person to help you organize and strategize your finances.

I offer a get-acquainted phone interview during which you can tell me about any problems or concerns you may have with your finances, and we can discuss how you can benefit from my services and the services of my team members.

Call me today at 505-992-1040 to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.


Steve Stauss

We share the same core values about sharing the planet with all living beings, which is a first in my experience with accountants! Steve is personal, caring and has a great sense of humor. He gives us the most thorough and reliable advice that we have ever received. He sees the ‘big picture” for us and helps us in better financial planning. After talking to Steve we feel relaxed and refreshed! Kathleen Ford and Frank Martinez, Tujunga, CA

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