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Why choose us?

Stauss Tax Services

Do you want quality, personal attention from a respected tax professional?

The confidence that your tax professional has the experience and resources to correctly handle your complicated tax filings?

To know that your tax planning advice is strategic and keeps your best interests in mind?

That you’ll have access to a network of like-minded professionals?


At Stauss Tax Services we like working with new and established businesses and individuals with complicated tax planning and filing requirements. An Enrolled Agent, Steve Stauss assists enthusiastic clients who prefer a collaborative approach to improving their business and personal financial situation. We specialize in working with clients who earn more than $150,000 (personal) or businesses with gross revenues between $500,000 and $5 million annually – whether that revenue comes from a company, investments or other streams.

Stauss Tax Services can help you with:

  • Business formation and liquidation
  • Returns for Partnerships, C-Corps, S-Corps, sole proprietorships, and LLCs reporting as one of these
  • Royalty and rental income; other investment income
  • Trust and gift tax returns
  • Decedent and Estate returns and tax obligations from inheritances
  • Foreign tax credits and deductions; reporting requirements for foreign assets (FBAR, etc.)
  • Resolving IRS and state tax problems
  • Other situations requiring an experienced tax professional


Why should you bring these thorny challenges to us instead of going to a big firm? Personal attention. And bigger accounting firms don’t necessarily know more than we do. But they charge more.

We care about our clients. Often, your relationship with money is as multi-faceted as your tax return. And your financial records and how you manage your taxes can make a big difference in your bottom line – how much money you get to keep at the end of the year. We want to understand you and how your personal goals fit with your financial goals so that both can be achieved.

Complicating things is the fact that tax laws change every year. So whether you have to file taxes for yourself or a business, it’s difficult to be sure you’re claiming all legitimate deductions and staying compliant with complex laws and regulations. We set you on the best path when the path is not clearly defined, and prepare your returns to your best advantage.

Believe it or not, we enjoy researching tax laws and regulations. We’re always learning more to keep you in compliance now and in the future. And you gain access to our extended network of smart people to ensure that you get the best advice. Our trusted advisors include whatever you need for your business and personal situation, whether it is legal, insurance, banking, financial advisory services, or information technology.

As an Enrolled Agent, Steve advises, represents and prepares tax returns for any and all entities (individuals or businesses) with tax reporting requirements. His expertise as an EA in the continually changing field of taxation enables him to effectively represent taxpayers audited by the IRS or state tax authority. Attorneys and CPAs don’t necessarily have this expertise.


Our clients value our specialized expertise and rely on us to find the answers to their questions. And that we will ask the right questions to understand and evaluate their needs. That’s why they have confidence that the options we present them are well-researched and logically sound. As our partner, you benefit from our years of experience and network of professional resources. And our reputation in the community bears this out.

Integrity in both our personal and business lives is paramount to everyone at Stauss Tax Services. And we expect that in our clients. We care about our community and profession, too. That’s why we use our talents and resources to make a positive contribution to our neighborhood and line of work.

Ready to make sense of your financial situation? Contact us. We’re ready to help.

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